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Dr. C. Tuna Resurface Reset Night Cream

A nurturing night cream that supports to improve firmness and hydration, reduces the appearance of lines while you sleep to reveal smooth, radiant-looking skin.

Cosmetic RevolutionDr. C. Tuna Resurface Retinol Reviving Serum

An advanced face serum that helps to even out the skin tone while supporting a supple and plump appearance. It helps the skin to have a hydrated, smooth and radiant look.

Physicians FormulaFarmasi Shield Man
  • To relax the skin after shaving, use Farmasi Shield Man After Shave Lotion.
  • Farmasi Shield Man Shaving Foam is an extra soft, dense and creamy foam giving more comfort and precision while shaving. With its Allantoin and Aloe Vera enriched formula, helps to improves razor glide and protect against micro cuts and shave irritations.
  • Beard & Moustache Oil specially developed to condition, soften moustache and beard while hydrating and soothing skin.

A Nature’s TouchNourish it - Enhance it - Plump it!

Juicy and fuller lips with a single glossy swipe!

A lip plumper that delivers a hint of tint and fuller-looking lips.

Vibrant color and spectacular shine.

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